The Galaxies

1964 Members

 Stuart Turner – Guitar

Mark Eubanks – Sax, Keyboards

Phil Hanson – Drums

Bob Koch – Guitar

Rob Lowery – Vocals

Chuck Naubert –  Bass Guitar

ORIGINAL BAND MEMBERS Rob Lowery-Lead Vocals, Ron Rustad-Sax, and Chuck Naubert-Bass/Cello are TEAMED UP WITH POWER VETERANS Rick Thompson-Guitar, Glenn McCarty-Guitar, Neal Veitenhans-Sax/Keyboard, and Billy Barner-Drums, creating what some say, is a sound even more “WOW” than what is presented in the 20+ recordings the Etiquette Recording Artists turned out in the 60’s. As Dennis Flannigan says,

” Northwest Rock is the quintessential blending of R&B and rock and roll – the home of hidden giants of Rock. Tacoma created the Northwest sound and Seattle and the rest of the state followed. ……..The Galaxies helped make Tacoma, garage bands and history.”

As one of the architects of the Northwest Sound, they currently receive international attention through Big Beat Records in the Garage Rock Revival. Originally drawing from the likes of blues legends B. B. King, Ben E. King, Fats Domino, funk god James Brown, wild man Little Richard, and later those British Guys, they injected their unique Northwest sound, while packing Pacific Northwest venues along with The Wailers and The Sonics.