The Sonics

Original Members

Gerry Roslie (b. 1944) — organ, piano, lead vocals

Andy Parypa — bass guitar

Larry Parypa — lead guitar, vocals

Rob Lind — saxophone, vocals, harmonica

Bob Bennett — drums

The Sonics were discovered performing in a ‘garage’ in 1964 in Tacoma Washington by Buck Ormsby.

Looking for a kick-ass no holds-barred rock ‘n’ roll band.   He found it.  Only problem was they were performing cover songs.  Asked if they had any originals, and Andy Parypa, Gerry Roslie, Bob Bennett, Rob Lind, Larry Parypa Bob Bennett 1985: “We were a wild, dirty, kickass band”

Andy Parypa, 1984 SeattleTimes: “If our records sound distorted, it’s because they are.My Brother(Larry, guitar) was always fooling around with the amps. They were always overdriven. Or he was disconnecting the speakers and poking a hole in them with an icepick. That’s how we ended up sounding like a trainwreck”   Larry Parypa: “We were nasty. Everything you’ve heard people say about us is true”.    Andy Parypa: “I mean the Sonics were savage!” Gerry Roslie: “When we played I would scream!  Well, I would scream my brains out trying to be as loud and strong as I could”  The Sonics: “three chords,two tracks, and one hell of a band”   John Mortensen, The MonoMen, Estrus Records: “This is the real Seattle Sound…” Dave Marsh, Rock &Roll Confidential: “The rhythmic and attitudinal grandfathers of Nirvana,Soundgarden and Pearl Jam in a garage-grunge extravaganza”.    Jerry Dennon of Jerden Records about Jerry Roslie: “Lead singer, writer, really the kind of central creative force”

Buck Ormsby: “We didn’t care if it bled. I wanted to hear sweat dropping on the tape”.

Terry Hansen, Goldmine:”Long live the Sonics!” Larry Parypa: “A lot of groups at that time were more into the love songs and pretty notes and we were more into the energy”   Brett Milano, The BostonPhoenix: “Everybody from the Clash to U2 has claimed to be a garage band, but the Sonics were the genuine article…”    Mark Lindsay, Paul Revere & the Raiders: “…they were really loud, and agressive, and pretty much ahead of their time”    Michael Azerrad, RollingStone: “…admired by everyone from Springsteen to the Sex Pistols – cut loose with bloodcurdling screams, Neanderthal drumming and heavily distorted guitar…”    Kent Morrill: “In a field of imitators, the Sonics are originators” . Peter Blecha, Northwest MusicArchives, Seattle, WA: “The Sonics remained a top draw at local dances right into 1967 when they broke their last sound barrier and folded. The Sonics will forever be revered for their solid proto-punk contributions to the sixties. They rocked like bastards and one imagines to this day that their name alone might send high school principals and small town police chiefs running for cover. Long live the Sonics!”