The Bootmen


(Alumni and Present)

Neil Andersson – Guitar
Barry Bellandi – Drums
Fred Dickerson – Guitar
Ron Gardner – Saxophone, Vocals
Butch Hannukaine – Keyboards
Mark Marush – Saxophone
Duane McCaslin – Bass
Michael Moore – Keyboards
Dave Roland – Drums
John Stone – Vocals
Jim Stover – Bass
Dean Whitbeck – Drums
Tom Zawlawky – Drums

The Bootmen were another Tacoma group we were interested in mainly because of two musicians in the band, Neal Anderson and Ron Gardner, who both later became members of the Wailers.  Wailer Kent Morrill named the group noticing they all wore Beatle boots?  In 1964 The Bootmen were signed to the Etiquette subsidiary label, Riverton Records.  The first single released in August 1965 on Riverton 101 was by the Bootmen with two songs penned by Ron Gardner titled “You Can Be Replaced” and “Off The Hook”.   Another Bootmen single release, titles “Ain’t It The Truth Babe” and “Wherever You Hide”, followed in March 1966.