Gail Harris

When the Fabulous Wailers, “The Boys From Tacoma”, added a female vocalist to their review show that they were famous for in the early 60’s…their fans could not believe what they were hearing! They were hearing a soulful, wailing voice with the power of an Etta James, Aretha Franklin and Tina Turner all rolled into one…but amazingly coming out of the mouth of a thirteen year old little girl from Puyallup, Washington!

The fact that this little thirteen year old also possessed the looks and body of a sexy 20 year old movie queen made this newly featured singer with The Wailers all the more remarkable!

And a mark indeed is what Gail made…everywhere that she and the Wailers performed together for several years through out the greater Northwest. During those years Gail had many tempting offers to leave the Wailers for greener pastures including one from country legend, Buck Owens. But Gail preferred her R& B roots and her many friends and fans in the Northwest area…and opted to stay with The Wailers.

During her time with the Wailers Gail began recording for Etiquette Records. She appeared on the ‘classic’” Wailers at the Castle” LP singing covers of Etta James’ “All I Could Do Was Cry” and Ike & Tina Turner classic ”I Idolize You”.  Gail also appeared as solo artist on the third single 45 from Etiquette titled “Be My Baby” penned by Wailer Kent Morrill; ET-3 (ET-45-3)

Later on, however, Gail did venture out on her own and made her mark in the San Francisco bay area working with famous producer/arranger DON COSTA.

In September of 1963 Gail had solo recordings “NEVER TAUGHT THAT IN SCHOOL” and “HERE COME THE HURT”

She performed at THE PLAYBOY CLUB in Los Angeles with singer ADAM WADE and starred at THE GALAXIE in San Francisco. But then Gail met her ultimate singing and performing companion, Arlen Harmon, her keyboardist and husband for the past 30 plus years, and traveled and performed around the US with Arlen’s band.  Then forming as a duo Arlen & Gail returned to the Northwest and continued to perform for Gail’s adoring fans for several years together.  During this time the two of them also developed a love for bikes…particularly Harley Davison and have enjoyed traveling throughout the country.

Today Gail is returning to her roots with “THE BOYS FROM TACOMA” and is again performing with the Wailers in concert. Through the technology of computers and the internet finally the whole world will have the joy of being introduced to and enjoying the soulful sounds continuing beauty of the girl from Puyallup….GAIL HARRIS