The Marshans

Original Members

Marilyn Lodge – vocals

Penny Anderson – vocals

Kay Rogers – vocals


The following biography of The Marshans are based on accounts from Marilyn Lodge and Buck Ormsby.

Buck Ormsby: “Further teen appeal was added to the Wailers’ show with the recruitment of the Marshans, a femme trio whose members – Marilyn Lodge, Penny Anderson, and Kay Rogers had sung with other groups.”

Marilyn Lodge: The trio came to be when girls form far and near heard that the Wailers were holding auditions at the Crescent and came to try out. I ran into Gail Harris at a department store downtown and she told me of the auditions. Gail and I knew each other from singing here and there: at that time I was appearing with the Princetons, billed as  Miss Marilyn. I believe Penny and Kay had sung with other bands in the area, but because the Wailers dominated most halls and the crowds, our attitude was

“…if  you can’t  beat’em, join em.”

Anyway, at the audtion we tried out as backup singers for Gail –  I remember well the song was “Tra-La-La” by, who else, Tina Turner- and for a spot for ourselves as a group. I was the lead singer, but we all had songs of our own. Pat O’Day actually named us. He thought we needed a name that would be remembered and that would be great to introduce: and here they are, the fabulous MarSHANS! But I can’t tell you how many times it was pronounced MARshans (as in Martians)!

“With the success of Louie Louie still ringing in their ears, the band hit upon the idea of preserving their highly effective and popular live show for posterity – an unusual and somewhat audacious move, and one in which they were encouraged by Pat O’Day. “